The 4 consumer design trends shaping society

03. Polarity Paradox

Moderation is no longer the modus operandi. In busy, networked and choice-rich lives, people are finding a new model for self-restraint by abandoning the middle ground and living in temporary extremes.

Abstinence and indulgence, shopping and saving, fasting and gorging are the new lifestyle patterns that are enabling consumers to have it all and have nothing.

Example: The Candidate

The four consumer design trends shaping society

The Candidate is definitely a novel way to find new talent

Heineken was recruiting one talented intern to become part of its Event & Sponsorship department. The Candidate by Publicis Italy presented a secretly filmed job interview that took applicants out of their comfort zones and tested their wits.

All job seekers experienced three things: an over-familiar interviewer, a surprise heart attack and a fire drill. The Heineken marketing community voted the three best candidates and the winner was awarded the job in front of 41,000 fans in Juventus Stadium.

Example: Eating Out

The four consumer design trends shaping society

Stewed Wildebeest Eyeballs and Toasted Goliath Tarantulas? Yes please!

Y&R Dubai was asked to promote Land Rover's classic spirit of adventure, building interest in the brand among the next generation of prospective owners.

By creating a campaign featuring exotic food and peculiar delicacies from around the world, they focused the ads on this spirit of adventure by showcasing the remote places that a Land Rover can take its drivers.

Each dish comes with an adventure rating, giving a whole new meaning to the term 'eating out'.

04. Super Synaesthesia

Our senses are being stimulated wherever we go. Look at retail spaces, products, hospitality and entertainment and you'll notice one theme: it's hard to distinguish one item from the next, or set them within clear parameters.

The lines between lifestyle industries, forms of art and entertainment, and between our own senses are increasingly blurred. Welcome to the convergence economy, where your brand can be anything and walls are for tearing down.

Example: Sound of Honda / Ayrton Senna 1989

The four consumer design trends shaping society

Ayrton Senna rides again, with this nostalgic campaign

Internavi, Honda's in-car navigation system, designs driving experiences powered by data that's been tested and perfected in racing cars of the 1980s.

To tell this story, agency Dentsu Tokyo worked with Honda to re-enact the world's fastest lap set by Ayrton Senna in the qualifying for the 1989 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix.

Honda's on-board telemetry system, which collects data from the car's accelerator and engine, enabled the agency to recreate the lap with an innovative use of sound and light on the 5,807-metre long Suzuka Circuit.

The production earned a Black Pencil at the 2014 D&AD Awards.

Example: Tokyo City Symphony

The four consumer design trends shaping society

Music city! Tokyo as you've never seen - or heard - it before

To help visualise property developer Mori Building's vision of Tokyo as a global metropolis, ad agency Hakuhodo created a musical 3D version of the city that users can interact with online.

First, they built a lifelike 1:1,000 scale model of Tokyo. With 3D projection mapping, lighting effects and graphics illuminate areas selected by the user while they create a symphony to accompany the visuals using their keyboards.

Musical styles include Future, Rock and EDO. The idea was to give users the chance to hold modern Tokyo in their hands. Each symphony can also be uploaded and shared with other users. The project won a Yellow Pencil at the 2014 D&AD Awards.

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