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Fantastic poster celebrates the beauty of print

Screen printed in high-quality, high-pigment inks in a range of finishes, Danish design duo Hvass&Hannibal's seminar poster is a celebration of print values.

Created to promote a one-day seminar entitled We Love Graphic Design, the duo continued the theme of print within the poster's layout, which features sheets of paper fluttering down the page and a surprisingly stylish, central ink blot. For studio co-founder Nan Na Hvass, going to see the designs being printed was a personal highlight.

The poster came to life as part of the event it was designed to promote, with Hvass&Hannibal also taking the reins on the seminar's stage set. The graphic orange-red and navy blue shapes found in the poster design were replicated on-stage in wood, while the sheets of paper were realised in the form of large pieces of curved aluminium.

"Initially we wanted to use real paper, and have the speaker's stand be a giant stack of papers," smiles Hvass, "but unfortunately, due to fire regulations, we were not allowed to use real paper."

This article originally appeared in Computer Arts issue 220.

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