19 glorious geometric patterns in design

11. Geometric clothes

geometric patterns clothes

Will you really be wearing these geometric patterns in the future?

Icelandic designer Sruli Recht has taken geometric design to a new level with these designs for a range of futuristic fashion. Recht explains the concept thus: "The simplified disastery of polygonal geometry – breaking the body down into a pixelated memory."

The clothes are made from "walnut wood material on a wool base. Once grown, the wood is deconstructed into pieces, and then attached to a textile base, creating a material that is half wood, half textile, and completely fragmentary."

12. Landshape

Geometric patterns: Tame Impala poster

The poster was created for a Tame Impala gig in Rio

Liam Brazier is a freelance illustrator and animator based in London. He creates geometric designs for a range of clients including Cartoon Network, Dazed & Confused, and Glastonbury Festival. This poster design was created for a Tame Impala gig in Rio and is based upon the band's album artwork.

13. Bird Mural

Geometric patterns: bird

Tobias Hall created this mural for Zizzi

Freelance illustrator, letterer, designer and mural artist  Tobias Hall worked closely with UK-based Italian restaurant chain, Zizzi to create a number of bespoke wall paintings. We particularly love this geometric bird design.

14. Pattern Booth

Geometric patterns: Patternbooth

Patternbooth creates a number of geometric pattern designs

The patternbooth is a collection of fresh, abstract and geometric pattern designs created by Cara Holland for interiors, fashion and products. She has a number of inspiring examples on her website, but we particularly enjoyed the colour scheme of this one.

15. Matt W Moore

Geometric patterns: mural

Matt W Moore has been painting geometric pattern designs for over half his life

We love seeing inspirational examples of street art – often brightening up grey and drab architecture with a lick of paint and a load of creativity. Boston-based artist Matt W Moore has been painting on walls for over half his life, and this geometric pattern design is just some one example of his incredible work.

16. Geometric Daily

Geometric patterns: Geometric daily tumblr

An inspiring geometric pattern design is posted up every day on this tumblr

The geometric daily tumblr is dedicated to sharing new, minimal geometric compositions. It's no longer being updated daily, but there's still plenty of geometric eye-candy to explore. Proving to be one of the best tumblr blogs for designers, it's packed full of minimalist inspiration and gorgeous colour schemes. Scroll away!

17. Oh My God

Geometric patterns: Gods

These well-known Gods were created for an exhibition in Barcelona

This brilliant new series of geometric deities comes straight out of Barcelona-based creative agency Hey Studio. They were created for the aptly titled 'Oh My God' show at the Mitte-Barcelona space. The modern vector illustrations make us look at these well known figures from a new perspective.

18. Sakir Gökçebag

Geometric patterns: fruit

Geometric food art that looks good enough to eat

Who needs Photoshop when you're this handy with a knife? Turkish artist Sakir Gökçebag has breathed new life into everyday produce such as apples and watermelons and turned them into something quite beautiful. The geometric shapes created have not been digitally remastered or altered in any way!

19. Mirage animation

This vivid animation 'Mirage' was created by video and sound designer Frederic Kokott. Using abstract and geometric forms, Kokott brings an unnamed city slowly into focus in the four-minute short. Featuring flat colours and simple shapes, the designer used Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to bring all the elements together.

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