Oprah gets the papercraft treatment

Mr. Yen, aka Jonathan Chapman, is a graphic designer based in the UK. After hours, days, months and years of practising, he mastered the art of paper-cutting and has caught the eye of many a creative fanatic.

All of his pieces are created by hand, with a scalpel, cut from one single sheet of paper with all materials being sourced from the UK. Every piece of paper cut is a one-of-a-kind enabling each creation to be truly unique.

Mr Yen's creations featured in the Valentines edition of the magazine

It comes as no surprise that the art team of Oprah magazine 'O' commissioned a series of delicate hand-cut design for the Valentines edition of this award winning publication. His bespoke botanical designs are featured throughout a three page spread in this month's magazine which boasts over 1.6 million subscribers world-wide.

He created a delicate paper cut napkin ring design, several tiny botanical silhouettes for decoration of a paper cone favours, a 3D typographic menu to display the food for the event and all the paper cut pieces running throughout the feature.

You can even purchase the original Oprah-inspired 'O' on Mr Yen's creative blog paper-craft shop.

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