12 things no graphic designer should be without

There are a few essential things no graphic designer should be without. While some things could be considered nice extras – luxuries even. There are absolute basics that it would be hard to do the job without. In this article, we'll look at exactly that: the 12 things that every graphic designer needs. 

These things include something to sit on – and you'll spent a lot of time sitting, so it needs to be a good chair. Of designers also need a good laptop for graphic design, a top drawing tablet, a trusty notebook for when you want to take things offline. But what are the other things you need for a pleasant day in the studio. These are 12 things we think no designer should be without.

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Jessica Draws is an experienced designer with a love of beautiful, creative visual work. She has produced infographics, illustrations, graphics and digital artwork for brands including Sainsbury's, Go Compare, IKEA, and London Women's Clinic.