Digital artists: how to keep your eyes healthy

Learning how to keep your eyes healthy is a skill all digital artists need to know. Screens are an integral part of many of our lives, especially for digital artists and those whose job revolves around a screen. General guidance recommends limiting our screen time as much as possible, but for those who rely on screens professionally, they’re a way of life. 

Computers are still relatively new and their long term effects on our health are under constant research. However, a 2018 study found that digital eye strain is prevalent in more than 50% of computer users. Just like you can buy a chair to ease back ache, there are techniques to keep in mind when working to ease the pressure on your eyes. (If you're new to digital art, I'd recommend reading our guide to the best drawing tablets and the best digital art software to get started.)

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Hazel Mead

After studying Fine art and Illustration at Coventry University I pursued my childhood dream of becoming an illustrator. I love combining beautiful imagery and diverse characters with meaning and story, and often create social commentary images that tackle taboos. As an ideas generator I enjoy the process of using illustration to solve clients' communication needs. Hazel's clients include Netflix, Adobe and Facebook.