Make your app work offline with Service Workers

Service Workers can be used to improve loading times and offline support for your sites and web apps. In this tutorial we're going to show you how to progressively enhance a web app with a Service Worker. First we'll cover what is a Service Worker and how its lifecycle works, then we'll show you how to use then to speed up your site (this page) and offer offline content (page 2). 

Then we'll show you how to how to build an app with Service Workers. You'll learn how to set up a bare-bones Worker that will cache and serve static assets (delivering a huge performance boost on subsequent loads), then how to cache dynamic API responses and give our demo app full offline support. First, let's look at what exactly Service Workers are, and how they function.

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Daniel Crisp is a contract/freelance senior frontend developer. Daniel's areas of expertise lie in JavaScript (Angular), HTML and CSS.