How to paint a colourful zombie

colourful zombie character

I’ve always liked the undead, and will often root for the ragged underdog who’s so often reduced to a moving target. Many of my works feature characters who have a ghoulish appearance, and here I’ve used an unnatural cold skin tone, with gangrenous fingers to depict that age-old trope of outstretched zombie arms. 

However, I’ve decided to look at the bright side of death and paint them as colourful, friendly, magical people, expressing glee and enjoying their new lifestyle choice. Colour is a dominant aspect in many of my works, and I like to experiment with it. Of course, one needs to understand the basics of colour theory before attempting to explore it further. 

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Peter Polach, aka Apterus, is a concept artist and illustrator who says that he has “a reasonable obsession with ugly dead things and fancy fabrics.”