Top tips to refine your hand-drawn illustration techniques

I've been doing pencil art since my childhood, when I would carry a pencil and paper around with me. Colouring and painting, however, are skills I've developed more slowly. When I started creating work under the name of Miss Led in 2006, I was too petrified to colour it. With a basic scanner, I used to create digital versions using my limited Photoshop knowledge and colour them using the Paint Bucket and Lasso tools.

Even though I got a digital tablet in 2011, it wasn't until working on advertising campaigns with Braun and then Wacom in 2014 that I started to create illustrations that were exclusively digital. With live painting and delivering workshops with Liquitex paints, as one of their global ambassadors, I wasn't able to slack off on the traditional and often difficult side of illustration work. Instead, I learned to develop the two, sometimes opposing, forms to complement each other. And my traditional digital style was born.

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Also known as Joanna Henly, Miss Led is an illustrator, artist and art director with over 14 years of experience in commercial illustration and fine art. Her clients including Google, Ted Baker, L'Oreal, Clinique and Braun. Online, her artwork and artist tips have created a social media audience of over 1.3 million.