How to work with HTML video

Move over YouTube... with the <video> element and a little JavaScript, you can start to create your own video site. The video element is fairly straightforward to use, but the real power comes when you combine it with JavaScript, which gives you a high level of control over the player’s behaviour. 

In this tutorial, we cover the basic setup of a video, selecting files to play back, and generating thumbnails. Not your thing? Use a website builder to create a site with no code, and explore your web hosting options.

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Simon Jones

Simon Jones is a technology leader with experience managing product and engineering teams of up to 200 staff, both at startups and large corporates. He is a proficient full-stack developer, in particular with Go & React + TypeScript. He now works at Facebook in London. Formerly CTO at Norwegian VC-backed startup Just, and Engineering Director at Barclays and American Express.