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Amazing art book teaches you how to draw from scratch

Draw Like A Boss

The long-awaited book of Draw Like A Boss was two years in the making

Learning basic artistic rules is the first step in becoming a successful illustrator. But with so many resources available that aim to teach you how to draw, aspiring creatives can be overwhelmed by their options. Fortunately the latest book from Manchester studio Draw Like A Boss covers everything fledgling artists need to know.

Following on from the success of their online resources, Draw Like A Boss have now launched a Kickstarter to fund the release of their first printed book.

Two years in the making, the self-titled Draw Like A Boss book is packed with demonstrations and advice on how to grow and progress as an artist.

"Where this book differs from other 'how to draw books' is that we take a look at contemporary ideas, new ways of building a drawing from scratch," explain the authors Ash and Eli. "It's a more organic process because in a sense we come to feel that we are growing a drawing, rather than mechanically constructing it part by part."

With just over three weeks left until the campaign runs out, there's still plenty of time to support the project on Kickstarter.

Draw Like A Boss

Even the book's intructions are imaginatively realised

Draw Like A Boss trees

Step by step instructions guide you through the basics and beyond

Draw Like A Boss portraiture

The book concludes with a lengthy portraiture lesson

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