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Fist among equals: the superhero portraits of Geo Law

geo law superhero series

The series features Judge Dredd, Hulk, Wolverine and other well-known superheroes

Illustrator and comic book fan Geo Law created this series of portraits for the recent 'Heroes' exhibition held at S1 Artspace, Sheffield, UK.

Organised by the World of Superheroes, the show featured a wide array of superhero-inspired work. Geo is known for his brilliant character illustrations, so it comes as no surprise that he was picked to get involved with the project.

Featuring Judge Dredd, Hulk, Wolverine, Hell Boy and Rorschach, his illustrations offer a brilliant look at some of the best cult comic characters. Placing each hero in the same position makes the series work seamlessly well together.

superhero illustrations

superhero illustrations

superhero illustrations

superhero illustrations

See more inspiring illustrations over on Geo Law's website.

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