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The Periodic Table of Thrones (*spoiler alert*)

Warning: this image contains spoilers for the five Game of Thrones novels.

Since the epic season finale of Game of Thrones, the popular TV series has been on the forefront of many a designer's mind. South Carolina-based artist Christian Petersen aka The Geekerie being one of them, he created this cool Game of Thrones-inspired periodic table

The chart depicts all the popular HBO show's characters as elements, with them grouped together by colour in their houses. Each element then details the character's name, whether they are living or deceased, their house colour and code name.

The concept of periodic table-inspired artwork is nothing new, but this is one of the best designs we've seen - the colour palette, texture and font choice capturing the essence of the show really well.

Table of Thrones prints are available to purchase from the Etsy store.

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