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Make your manga art stand out from the crowd

Alvin Lee's marvellous take on the fun-lovin' Jinx from League of Legends heralds this ImagineFX special issue (perfect for anyone looking to learn how to draw manga). His workshop reveals how his fellow team-mates at Riot Games helped him take the rocket-riding character to the next level.

Laura Sava's tips article will also bring your art skills up a notch or two. The Applibot artist passes on her advice on composition, use of symmetry, lighting, colour and more. And discover how Ilya Kuvshinov paints a manga pin-up, featuring Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, by thinking of the image in 3D terms.

Here's a sneak peak at what's in the issue:

Elsewhere, master sculptors The Shiflett Brothers demonstrate their skills as they create a foolhardy hunter of dragon eggs, we cast an eye over the state of anime in 2016, and visit the talented artists at Ubisoft Massive, who are busy beavering away on Tom Clancy's The Division.

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And there's all this, too!

Svetiana Tigai paints an ethereal-looking Cinderella, and explains her approach towards light and shadows.

Olga Andriyenko opens up her sketchbook, revealing what she draws in between her game art assignments.

We ask artists how they regain their love of drawing when inspiration leaves the building and their work no longer scratches the creative itch.

Plus there’s all the usual reviews, art news and workshops, with over 11 hours of pro video tuition and over 120 free custom brushes! Get your copy today.

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