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Striking sculptures crafted from one sheet of paper

Since the birth of Creative Bloq, we've been lucky enough to come across some absolutely amazing works of paper art. However, we've never come across something like this. Crafting scultpures from a single sheet of paper, artist Nahoko Kojima has created something truly original and awe-inspiring.

These large-scale works are each hand-cut from a single sheet, exploring themes of human existence, animals and the forces of nature. The projects need a lot of patience - this 'cloud leopard' took Kojima approximately five months to finish.

We love that Kojima focuses as much on the negative space as much as she does on the sculpture. They're as beautiful as they are striking, which has resulted in a number of exhibitions and documentaries. We don't think we'd have the fingers for this kind of work!

paper scultpures

paper sculptures

paper sculptures

See more inspirational work on Nahoko Kojima's website.

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