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Typographic trends in motion graphics for 2018

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The 2018 design trends keep on coming. We've already seen the logo design trends and colour trends that are set to influence the next 12 months. But what about typography – or to be more specific, type used in motion graphics?

Well, wonder no more. StudioBinder – a maker of video, photo, TV and film production management software – has created a video that showcases some big typographic trends to expect in motion graphics for the year ahead.

To get an idea of how type will be used in video this year, StudioBinder combed through the best uses of text found in films and programmes in 2017. These include the title sequences for shows such as Top Gear and Stranger Things, among other creative examples.

As we watched this video, we were struck by just how many uses of type in motion graphics pass almost unnoticed. Perhaps that's an indicator of how audiences have become used to more sophisticated typographic effects in their media.

See for yourself how typography in films and TV has been used in innovative ways – and the predicted text in video trends for 2018 – in the StudioBinder video, below.

Over on the StudioBinder site they look into these examples and explore what makes them tick. For example, by studying the Stranger Things titles, we can see that the show cleverly draws in the viewer's attention by containing visuals inside the lettering itself.

Meanwhile, some films and shows layer their typography and title graphics with 3D elements to help get across the mood of what viewers are about to watch. Others make the most of the lower third of the screen to flash up an information card that reveals useful plot and character information.

For the full dissection of 2018 motion typography trends, be sure to head over to the StudioBinder blog.

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