Vimeo's 'awesomer' iPhone app goes live

Vimeo has just launched a totally reimagined iPhone app that the company claims is, "awesomer, sleeker, more beautiful, way awesomer, and also much more awesomer than ever before".

You can see why they're excited to the point of incoherence. It's the first time the YouTube competitor has built an app entirely in-house, and the results are impressive, with an clean interface that's even easier to use on your phone than previous versions.

The smarter, more intuitive design makes uploading, browsing, and sharing easier

The app also benefits from faster uploading and the ability to search, watch and add information to videos while uploading takes place in the background.

You can also shoot video straight from the app, and the sharing options are extended to cover every iOS6 possibility.

To find out more and download the app, visit

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