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Famous car logos get flat design reworking

Simplified car logos

Click the image to see an enlarged picture of the logos

Some of the world's best logo designs are of a simple, stripped back nature. Instantly recognisable and iconic, these particular logo designs have gone on to stand the test of time; influencing many a logo design in recent years.

Inspired by the failure of clothing giant Gap's simplier logo, designer Philadlj decided to turn his hand to the world's favourite car logos. Simplifying the likes of BMW, Fiat and Honda, he has taken the fuss out of the original logo designs and reimagined this series of stripped-back offerings.

Philadlj gave himself some ground rules when embarking on the project, such as using only basic geometric shapes, solid colors, and sans serif fonts. So, do you think they look better than the originals?

[via Design Taxi]

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