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Brand logos to appear in Google search results

In our comprehensive guide to logo design, we remind you that your design must be flexible enough to scale to a range of sizes, and work in a variety of different arenas, from huge billboards to mobile apps to TV advertising. And now there's another use to bear in mind - because Google has just announced that company logos will soon start appearing in its search result pages.

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Put simply, companies can now have their logo appear in Google search results in the same way that writers and authors display their headshots. It's a little bit of a fiddly process, involving adding some markup to your site's HTML: you'll find full technical details here while this post looks at the implications for SEO.

The change was announced at Google I/O, the company's annual conference, along with a ton of announcements about everything from new service Google Music to redesigns of Google Maps and Google+. For a comprehensive round up of the announcements, check out this special report from our sister site Tech Radar.

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Will you be adding your logo to Google's search pages? Let us know in the comments!