Top 5 movie logos unveiled at Comic-Con

We make no apologies about it: we're obsessed with logo design and typography at Creative Bloq. We're also obsessed with comics and movies. And so a new logo for a comic-book movie is always going to grab our attention.

Well, we've been well and truly spoilt rotten this week, with movie logos being unveiled at San Diego's Comic-Con like there's no tomorrow. Here are the five that most grabbed our attention...

01. Avengers: Age of Ultron

NEW LOGO: A colour change to Marvel red, and a slightly rougher look

The follow-up to last year's multi-superhero blockbuster Avengers Assemble, the next Avengers movie will see the team take on Ultron, an evil, sentient robot, encased in an adamantium shell. The sequel's logo (above) is pretty similar to its predecessor's previous logo (below), but with a colour change and a slightly rougher, edgier look.

OLD LOGO: Slicker and shinier

02. Captain America

NEW LOGO: Military stencils suggest a hard battle ahead

The first movie poster for the Captain America sequel was logo-less, but the stencil-effect lettering its lettering sported has made it to the new logo (above), giving the typography an earthier look than the solid metallic effect of the earlier design (below). This change in emphasis fits the plot of the new movie, which will see the Cap struggle with his own sense of right and wrong as he battles the titular villain. The 'Winter Soldier' is an old friend and another man out of time: Bucky Barnes, who was a Soviet assassin during the Cold War.

OLD LOGO: A classic approach to superhero typography

03. Thor: The Dark World

NEW LOGO: Fantasy feel reflects presence of elves

The sequel to 2011's Thor movie will see Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder facing off against new villain Malekith (played by Doctor Who's Christopher Eccleston) and his race of Dark Elves. The new logo is a departure from the earlier, steely creation, now featuring a more intricate texture that's more reflective of the world of fantasy art.

OLD LOGO: The original logo that heralded Thor's arrival on the silver screen

04. Guardians of the Galaxy

You've not heard of them. But Marvel hopes you'll love them!

Liked Avengers Assemble? Then you'll love Guardians of the Galaxy! That's what Marvel is hoping, anyway, for its next superhero team-up movie. None of its characters is well-known outside of those who've read the comic, but the movie's cast certainly are, including John C Reilly, Djimon Hounsou and Doctor Who's Karen Gillan - who shocked Comic-Con attendees by sporting a shaven head at the panel.

05. Superman/Batman movie


Okay, this possibly won't be the actual logo, but this evocative image was used to illustrate Comic-Con's biggest announcement - that the sequel to Man of Steel will answer the question posed by generations of schoolchildren: who'd win in a battle between Superman and Batman? Directed by Zack Snyder, the as-yet-untitled film won't feature Christian Bale as Batman, but we still CAN'T WAIT!

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