Web logos reimagined as vintage Japanese designs

Istanbul-based design consultancy Antrepo have been inspired by the minimalist logo design of the Japanese SLR cameras of the 70s and 80s to create these conceptual logos for the most well-known web brands of the modern day.

Facebook gets the minimal SLR typography treatment

Noting that vintage Japanese cameras used the same style for their typography and logos, Antrepo created the line-based logos and extended-outline fonts to imagine how modern social media brands would have looked under a similar design convention.

If YouTube's logo had been designed by a 70s Japanese camera maker, it would look like this

The project was a perfect fit for the multi-disciplinary design consultancy, which focuses on minimalism and challenging people's perceptions to inspire creative results.

We love the little details of the serial number and 'Made in Japan' stamp

The new logos appear to be etched into metal, echoing the appearance of the vintage Japanese cameras. To see the rest of the re-imagined logo designs, which include Tumblr, LinkedIn and Instagram, head over to the creative blog of Antrepo.

The minimalist approach of the new logo concepts, plus the way they're etched into metal, echoes that of Japanese cameras in the 70s and 80s

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