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Apple Amazon Prime Day: The best deals on iPads, MacBooks and more

On Apple Amazon Prime Day, Prime members will be able to get some top discounts on Apple products, and have these bargains delivered to them the very next day. While the date of Amazon Prime Day is yet to be 100 per cent confirmed, it looks likely it'll take place in early September. We expect this 'day' to also last at least two days, as it did last year.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 might have been delayed – it was originally pencilled in for July – but we don't see that as a reason why the Apple Amazon Prime Day discounts shouldn't still be coming in thick and fast when the event does finally arrive. Last year we saw some fantastic discounts on Apple products on Prime Day, particularly on iPads, and so we've got high hopes for this year's deals. 

In this post, we've rounded up everything we know so far about Apple Amazon Prime Day, including looking at this year's best Apple models as well as the deals we saw on Apple products on Amazon Prime Day 2019, and our predictions for this year. And in the run-up to 2020's big event, we've also included any deals on Apple products that are live right now on Amazon.

If you want to browse straight away, use the links below to find your favourite Apple products, or you can head straight to the Apple Store via the links here:

  • iPad: Great savings on Apple's 10.2-inch, entry-level tablet
  • iPad Pro: Save big on Apple's top-of-the-range tablets
  • MacBook Pro: The best Amazon deals on MacBooks
  • iMac: Get Apple's hottest desktop machine for less
  • AirPods: Grab a bargain on Apple's AirPods
  • Apple Watch: A range of Apple Watches at low prices

Apple Amazon Prime Day iPad deals

iPad Pro

(Image credit: Future Owns)

There were some fantastic Apple Amazon Prime Day deals last year, and some of the best discounts we saw were on iPads. There was over $400 off an iPad Pro 10.5-inch, for example, and over £200 off the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. This year, we're expecting similar deals, and we might even see bigger discounts on the 2018 iPad Pros, now that the iPad Pro 2020 is finally here. The same goes for the iPad Air, seeing as a new model has recently been released, we'd expect to see discounts on the older model.

Last year on Black Friday there were also some deals on the the then-just-released 10.2-inch iPad, so we'd expect to see even bigger discounts on this model.

Apple Amazon Prime Day is still a while away yet, but that doesn't mean there aren't great deals to be had right now. Here are the best iPad offers currently running:

Apple Amazon Prime Day MacBook Pro deals

Apple Amazon Prime Day

(Image credit: Apple)

The MacBook Pro is a firm favourite with designers, and its popularity shows no sign on waning. Last year, we saw some great Apple Amazon Prime Day deals, including a massive $700 off a 15-inch MacBook Pro (2018). Of course, that offer sold out quickly, which just goes to show you've got to move fast when you see the right deal. 

Since last year's Amazon Prime Day, there have been some new additions to the MacBook Pro world – namely the 16-inch MacBook Pro (2019) and the MacBook Pro 13-inch (2020), which both come with the new and improved Magic Keyboard. If you're looking for an Apple Amazon Prime Day discount on these models, then you probably shouldn't hold your breath, but these new models probably mean that older stock should get a price cut. This is good news for those looking to purchase an older 13-or 15-inch MacBook Pro, which are both still highly recommended.

Apple Amazon Prime Day may be a few months away, but that doesn't mean there aren't great deals to be had right now. Here are the best MacBook Pro offers in your area today:

Apple Amazon Prime Day Apple Watch deals

Apple Watch

(Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Watch is another product that often sees decent discounts around Amazon Prime Day. There are plenty of Watches to choose from, too. Apple has now discontinued the Apple Watch 4, as it's been super-seeded by the Apple Watch 5, but that means there are bargains to be had on the still very respectable Apple Watch 4. 

Apple also still sells the Apple Watch 3, and has recently announced that this Watch will get the new watchOS 7 update when it is released. A new Apple Watch 6 is also expected soon. 

All this means that we should expect a price drop on older Apple Watches, in particular the Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 3. 

Apple Amazon Prime Day AirPods deals

Apple Airpods

(Image credit: Future)

We don't usually see massive discounts on Apple's AirPods, you're usually lucky to get $20/£20 or so knocked off the price, but we're not ones to scoff at a saving, however small. If you're not sure of the RRP, AirPods will usually set you back $159/£159 without a charging case, $199/£199 with a charging case and the AirPods Pro cost $249/£249. The biggest discounts usually come on the cheapest AirPods, the ones without the wireless charging case. 

However, we wouldn't expect to see much in the way of discounts at all on the AirPods Pro, though rest assured that we'll be covering any we do find right here.

Today's best deals are listed below.

Apple Amazon Prime Day iMac deals

iMac Apple Amazon Prime Day

(Image credit: Apple)

The rumours are hotting up about a new iMac being released, but for now, there are still the 2019 and 2017 iMacs to snap up. These machines are especially powerful, and the 2019 is our current best computer for graphic design. We don't normally see huge discounts on iMacs over Apple Amazon Prime Day, but some offers in the past have shaved £100 or £200 off the price, so it's definitely worth keeping an eye out.

For now though, here are today's best deals on iMacs below.

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