Vision Pro's eye-watering price tag may not even include the top strap

Apple Vision Pro
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There appears to be a reason why Apple Vision Pro will start at $3,499 / £3,499, and it's because you'll likely need to spend money on extras to make sure this new mixed reality headset works right for you. This is the latest Apple rumour, anyway.

It's fair to say the announcement of Apple's mixed reality headset has been mixed, from the high price point to the Vision Pro memes that poked fun at the, frankly weird, EyeSight feature that shows users actual eyes, to the news Huawei had already patented the name, things have been rocky.

But price has always been the biggest obstacle. So, rumours that one piece of kit many of us will need may not be bundled in the box, despite costing so much, is a little concerning. As reported by Engadget, those who have gone hands-on with Vision Pro say the extra velcro headband, used to counter the weight of the headset, is a necessity. But it doesn't look as if Apple will be bundling it in the box.  

Woman wearing Apple Vision Pro on a plane

(Image credit: Apple)

For a little background, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has a report on how this strap was created after employees who had been testing the Vision Pro for a number of hours complained it felt too heavy. The Vision Pro weighs around 680g, making it heavier than Sony's PSVR 2 and Meta Quest 2 but a little lighter than Meta Quest Pro. 

Due to the high retail price you could be forgiven for thinking Apple is targeting pro creators and developers, like Meta Quest Pro, but considering the price of Apple's higher-end devices, such as iPad Pro and Macbook Pro, the cost of a Vision Pro is in line with the brand's broader line-up. Likewise, if the headset launches with most App Store games, experiences and apps running and enhanced on Vision Pro then Apple can tap into its deep consumer base. (Read about visionOS.)

Apple Vision Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

With this in mind, and rumours Apple Stores will have headsets to demo, consumers are a certain target for Apple. In this light, it seems churlish to not give customers everything they need from day one, including an 'accessory' many who have used Vision Pro see as a must-have for comfort.

It seems Apple is reverting to type a little, even with something as advanced and costly as Vision Pro. The extras for this impressive mixed reality headset could see your launch day cost heading closer to $4,000, considering there will likely be a case you 'simply must have' or options to upgrade to make use of more accessories. I'm speculating, of course, but as someone who uses an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil 2 and Magic Keyboard daily I couldn't imagine being without these 'extras'.

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