Move over iPhone 12 – the Apple Watch 6 could replace your phone

Apple Watch 6 concept
A recent render of the Apple Watch series 6 (Image credit: ConceptsiPhone)

All eyes might be on the (hopefully) imminent launch of the iPhone 12, but there's a solid chance that, much like previous years, we could also see a brand new Apple Watch announced at the same time. And if a new patent discovery is anything to go by, the Apple wearable could become even more independent from the iPhone. But could it become one device to rule them all?

Spotted by AppleInsider, the patent details a wireless antenna built into the display, as opposed to the current, slim component which is fitted into the edge of the device. This would allow a much larger surface area, and potentially much more powerful wireless capabilities. Check out the best Apple Watch deals in the Apple Back to School sale

Could the watch become one device to rule them all?

Could the watch become one device to rule them all? (Image credit: Apple)

According to AppleInsider, the Apple Watch Series 6 has been rumoured to feature improved wireless connectivity, and this could be how Apple achieves that. Being a patent, there's a chance the design will never see the light of day, of course – but Apple is clearly keen to double down on the watch's wireless prowess. We don't know exactly what the Series 6 will look like, but if it's anything like this concept video (below), we'll be more than happy.

Improved wireless abilities could suggest that Apple is seeking to further free the Watch from the iPhone. The cellular-enabled Apple Watch can currently receive messages and phone calls independently, but if features such as FaceTime were available from your wrist, perhaps the Apple Watch could start to look like a compelling replacement for the iPhone rather than a mere companion.

So what could this mean for creatives? Let's be realistic – the Apple Watch is no digital canvas. Graphic designers are unlikely to throw out their iPad or MacBook in favour of a new Apple Watch. But if the Apple Watch did eventually replace the iPhone (or the two devices merged, like this incredible iPhone 13 concept), it could mean one less device for creatives to carry around.

As for what the future truly holds for the Apple Watch, only time will tell (sorry). It's always fun to explore Apple's patents to see what weird and wonderful ideas the company has up its sleeve – here are 8 game-changing ideas we wish would come true

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