Apple Watch finally gets Spotify support (but there's a catch)

Apple watch Spotify
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As the Apple Watch's functionality grows, the need to take your bulky smartphone with you everywhere decreases. And one key feature has finally arrived that we've all been waiting for – the ability to stream your Spotify app directly through your watch. What took it so long?

Potentially a game-changer for a bunch of situations (you won't need to invest in running trousers with a pocket, for one), the Apple Watch has risen above its previous station as a fancy remote control. There are some limitations to watch out for and one big catch, but does the Spotify now have the potential to be one the best Apple Watch apps around?

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Many Apple Watch users are seeing the feature roll out right now, with an alert popping up (see it above) asking if they'd like to start streaming with the Apple Watch. The watch then gets added to the list of account devices, in much the same way as an Alexa device. There's no rushing this as it's a server-side update – it's a waiting game for users as the update rolls out.

Given the lack of display space, we were interested to see how the UI would work. Of course, it's gone pretty minimal and some functionality reflects that – it doesn't have the fullness of an iPhone experience. Much like with Alexa, there doesn't seem to be a search bar function, so you'll have to rely on Siri to pull up the title you request – but there is an additional option to play recently played tracks plus saved albums and playlists.

Apple watch Spotify

It's a server-side update so you'll have to wait for the function to appear on your watch (Image credit: Apple)

Now all we need is for Spotify to realise we might want to play on multiple devices at once from the same account (if Netflix can do it, is it really too much to ask?) and we'll be in music streaming heaven. 

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