BBC reveals "modern" new logos – and the internet is totally perplexed

The new BBC logos.
(Image credit: BBC)

The BBC might have one of the most recognisable logos in the UK, with its iconic three boxes and distinct font. But the broadcasting company's "modern" rebrand has left the internet in total confusion. 

The BBC has announced its new branding for a number of its channels and online apps. The broadcasting company has created new logos for BBC iPlayer, Weather, Sport, News, Bitesize and Sounds. All the new logos feature three rectangle shapes, much like the BBC's main logo. BBC has also adjusted the channel logos for BBC One, Two and Four. If you fancy having a go at giving your own logo an upgrade, then make sure you check out our 15 golden rules on logo design.

The BBC announced the new logos on its own news page and called the rebrand a "modern makeover," after arguing that the previous designs looked "old-fashioned" and "out-of-date". According to BBC, the new designs will make the sites like iPlayer easier to navigate.

The BBC channels will also be getting a revamp, with the logos for BBC One, Two and Four getting some slight typeface adjustments made to the logos to help keep them relevant with a refreshing font. The new channel logos were soft-launched earlier this year in the US and Canada. The BBC has said that these channel rebrands will feature its own BBC typeface. 

Despite the BBC singing its own praises, the internet hasn't had the same reaction to the rebrand, and users have taken to Twitter and Reddit to comment on the new logos. Over on Reddit, the new designs have been added to the 'Crappy Designs' thread, and users have been sharing their thoughts on the new logos. One Redditor said, "I would not be able to identify what any of the symbols mean without the words," which we think, for a logo, is a pretty bad start. Other users called the logos things like, "awful," and, "a mess". Some are even comparing the BBC's confusing rebrand to Google Workspace's similar move when the Google icons all became seemingly unrelated to the actual product.

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Perhaps the execution wasn't quite right, but we like the idea of the new logos keeping in theme with the BBC's iconic three square logo. And while the internet isn't too keen on any of the rebrands, we think that the new typeface and channel branding is cohesive and clean. 

If you reckon you can design a better logo than the BBC, then why not have a go at making your own with one of the best free logo makers from our roundup. 

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