Chanel vs Huawei might be the most ridiculous logo dispute yet

Chanel and Huawei logos
Logo disputes seem to be in fashion right now (Image credit: Chanel/Getty/Future owns)

We've seen plenty of logo disputes over the years, with most of them involving a huge brand going after the little guy. But every now and again we see two biggies go head to head – and this time it was a giant of fashion against a titan of tech.

Chanel was unhappy with Huawei's new logo, arguing that the design, made specifically for Huawei's computer hardware, too closely resembles its own. Sure, both consist of two interlocking curves inside a circle – but they're essentially opposites of one-another. We'll go out on a limb here and say Huawei probably didn't take logo inspiration from the French fashion house.

Huawei and Chanel logos

Huawei's logo (left) vs Chanel's (right) (Image credit: Huawei/Chanel)

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Chanel has just lost an EU court battle over the logos. According to the BBC, the EU General Court in Luxembourg ruled this week that the logos "share some similarities but their visual differences are significant". 

Not only do the curves face a completely different direction, but Chanel's logo features more rounded curves and thicker lines. Oh, and they are, of course, completely different brands in completely different sectors. Let's be honest – nobody is going to see Huawei's logo on a computer and assume it was made by a perfume company.

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From Apple vs a small meal planning app to Citroën vs Volvo, we've seen no shortage of bizarre trademark disputes lately – but this one feels like it was a non-starter from the off. Logo battles might be be in fashion right now, but Chanel should probably stick to the clothes. Fancy designing a logo of your own? Check out today's best Adobe Creative Cloud deals below.

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Daniel John
Senior News Editor

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