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Enhance your creative potential with this inspirational platform

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If you have a creative vision, but can't seem to make it move forward and prosper, keep reading. Craftsman Creative, an online self-improvement platform for creatives of all types, provides courses and coaching for getting into the right mindset and building a successful business. 

Did you know that success is 80 per cent psychology and 20 per cent skills? Craftsman Creative has been inspiring and coaching creatives to help them build resilient, profitable businesses – so they can focus on the projects they love. Designed for all levels, you'll start your journey with the Craftsman Creative ebook. Best yet, this two-year subscription is now 95 per cent off. (opens in new tab)  

Building a business? You'll need to update your design portfolio.

Master the courses to grow your mindset

This useful guidebook is full of techniques and strategies utilised by creative individuals from all walks of life. You'll learn principles that will change the way you approach your work, learn how to craft your path, and more. 

Along with a guidebook, you'll also be provided with in-depth courses that cover a variety of creative philosophies and frameworks. The classes will guide you through development techniques that will take your skills up a notch by using the power of the mind. Each lesson will show you things you can do today to maximise your abilities. You'll regain control of your goals, break down creative blocks, learn how to create work that is an extension of yourself, and develop and strategise how to make your work bloom into a successful business. 

Once you master the courses, you'll move on to one-on-one coaching (specific to your creative life and goals) and learn how to put those newly acquired techniques to work in real-life scenarios. Led by founder and fellow creator Daren Smith, these coaching sessions will help you breakthrough and get the most out of your passions. Your strengths and opportunities will be narrowed down as you're guided through development practices that help take your income to new heights. With unlimited access, you'll be able to view the content time and time again, whenever you need inspiration throughout your subscription period.

The Craftsman Creative: 2-Yr Subscription (opens in new tab) is usually priced at over $2,000, but, for a limited time, you can start training your mind to achieve your goals for only $99 – that's 95 per cent off. Transform your way of thinking and launch a new career in 2020. 

*Prices subject to change. 

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