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Fun but brutal quiz will test your designer's eye

Reckon you're a hot-shot designer? Think you've get that keen eye for design that can align images without the need for a grid? Put your sight and design thinking to the test with this quiz from digital service agency Supremo and find out how well you really see.

This fun and frustrating quiz, called 'It's Centred That', sets the deceptively simple task of asking whether a dot is plotted in the middle of a series of 10 shapes. Sounds straightforward, right? Well, thanks to strategically placed shapes and off-putting colour combinations, you'll find that your eyes will be thrown off. Factor in that the dots can be off-centre by a couple of pixels and you'll realise that this friendly looking quiz isn't as forgiving as it first appears.

What's more, get a question wrong and you have to start again from the beginning. And because the quiz generates the questions at random, you won't be able to memorise the right answers and bluff your way to the end.

Design quiz question

Be warned: this quiz is not as easy as it looks

Players will go through the motions of being amused, frustrated, and doggedly determined in a matter of minutes when playing this game. Answering incorrectly sees a distressed turd emoji fill your screen, which is a sight you're going to see an awful lot on your way to the tenth question.

Note that the triangle ones are the trickiest. Good luck.

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