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QUIZ: What sort of creative are you?

Do you ever lie awake at night in a cold sweat wondering what you're doing with your life, puzzling over why you didn't train as a engineer or something sciencey like that? Of course you do, you're in the creative industry!

Existential crises are part of the territory when it comes to being a designer. To help creatives regain their sanity and get a good night's sleep, London-based branding agency Radley Yeldar has created a quiz that helps answer that tricky question: What the hell am I doing here?

“We all have those days when we sit at our desks and think ‘what the hell am I doing here?’" says creative lead Emily Jeffery-Barrett. "This tool is a really simple way to answer that question. Why are we doing it? Because we believe to do great work you have to feel great about your job. Simple as that.”

Maybe you're a designer for the money, or perhaps you're in it for the awards and glory. Either way, this short quiz will uncover the truth. Play it here.

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Dom Carter
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