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This huge Nintendo Game Boy mod is utterly ridiculous (and we love it)

Giant Nintendo Game Boy mod
Boyz II Men (Image credit: Grumpy Modeler/Future owns)

Just weeks after we saw the world's biggest Nintendo Switch, another oversized Nintendo handheld has been spotted in the wild. And what do you call a giant Game Boy? Game Man, of course.

Yep, the Game Boy has finally come of age, thanks to a fun and frankly ridiculous mod that sees the 1989 handheld more than double in size. With a 5.6-inch display (as opposed to the original's 1.9 inches), it's certainly a different beast – although you'll still find a bigger display on the Nintendo Switch (check out our best Nintendo Switch deals, by the way).

Created by modder Grumpy Modeler, the Game Man is made from a combination of a 3D-printed enclosure, an original NES and gamepad (rather than Game Boy games, the Game Man is able to play larger NES cartridges). And if you fancy making your own, Grumpy Modeler has even provided 3D printing instructions.

Yes, it's as "completely impractical and pointless" as the creator suggests, but that doesn't mean there isn't a certain charm to the gargantuan gadget – and we're impressed that it manages to so faithfully resemble the original device. In that regard, it's perhaps even more impressive than that enormous Nintendo Switch.

Game Boy

The Game Man looks just like the original Game Boy, released in 1989 (Image credit: Nintendo)

Indeed, while most console mods are a little Frankenstein-ish (we're looking at you, left-handed Game Boy), this one looks the business. Only bigger. Talking of bigger, the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro is said to be upping the size of the current Switch – although for our fingers' sake, we hope it doesn't quite reach Game Man proportions. Check out today's best Nintendo Switch deals below if you're ready to start gaming.

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