Mysterious GTA 6 image drives gamers wild

Grand Theft Auto 6 screenshot
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

The last few months have been quite the rollercoaster for Grand Theft Auto fans. Back in October, Rockstar games totally botched the release of the GTA remastered trilogy, with bugs and glitches galore. But in much better news, the long-awaited GTA 6 was finally confirmed last week, with the studio announcing that the sequel is well underway. 

While we haven't been given an official glimpse of GTA 6 yet, fans have been wondering whether Rockstar in fact snuck a screenshot of the game into those terrible remasters. A seemingly nondescript photo of a house has sent hardcore fans wild – but all might not be as it seems. Want to see it for yourself? Check out the best Nintendo Switch deals to start gaming.

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Sitting on the wall of the 'Lil' Probe'Inn' in the 'definitive' edition of GTA: San Andreas is a mysterious image of a Miami style house. To most gamers, that'll probably mean nothing. But hardcore fans immediately noticed that, unlike the rest of the photos on the wall of the UFO-themed bar, the house doesn't appear to come from any of the GTA games. 

i_decided_to_take_a_look_at_those_photos_in_lil from r/GTA6

First spotted in November, the image sent fans into overdrive, with many wondering if they were looking at the first screenshot from GTA 6. Gamers couldn't place the house in GTA 5, and the graphics are too advanced for it to originate from an earlier game.

Grand Theft Auto

A zoomed-in look at the mysterious house (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Not only that, but the architectural style of the house has added fuel to the fire. It's been rumoured for years that GTA 6 will finally see a return to the Miami Vice vibe of GTA Vice City. 

"I know the GTA 5 map better than my hometown and have never seen this," one user tweets, "I think it's GTA 6." Another adds, "That is absolutely Florida. And the shadowing developing from the roof to the actual upper portion of the front wall of the house, looks way too good detail, that I don't recognize from GTA V."

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With Rockstar Games finally confirming production of the next Grand Theft Auto game, it hopefully won't be long until we're given a proper look. Until then, we'll just have to speculate about tiny photographs hidden inside previous games. Still, at least it's a distraction from that other talking point of the GTA remastered trilogy – by which we mean the absolutely shocking graphics. 

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