iPhone 13 set to steal one of Apple Watch's best features

We've heard a ton of iPhone 13 rumours over the past few months, with many of them falling into some pretty standard categories (better camera, better battery, better storage – you get the idea). But one of the more curious leaks has just landed, revealing that the iPhone could be about to borrow an incredibly popular feature from the Apple Watch.

It seems the iPhone 13 could become the first to sport an always-on display, with certain information visible onscreen even when the iPhone itself is asleep. The feature seriously elevated the Apple Watch when it first appeared in 2019 – could it be about to take one of our best camera phones to new heights as well?

iPhone 13 render

A new render of the iPhone 13's rumoured always-on display (Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

A video (below) by Apple leakers EverythingApplePro and Max Weinbach claims that the iPhone 13 will not only feature the much-rumoured 120hz refresh rate (currently only found on the 2020 iPad Pro), but that display will feature cutting edge always-on tech. But unlike the Apple Watch version, which displays your chosen watch face in full, the iPhone version will allegedly opt for a "toned-down" lock screen.

According to the video, users can expect to see basic information such as battery life and clock, as well as notifications on an otherwise blank screen. This sounds like a good thing to us – not only would a full lock screen (complete with wallpaper) be a huge battery drain if displayed permanently, but it could also be a pretty glaring distraction in low-light environments.

Apple Watch Series 6

The always-on display is one of the Apple Watch Series 6's best features (Image credit: Apple Watch Series 6)

If we're honest, the feature doesn't sound quite as essential here as it has proved on the Apple Watch Series 6. The inability to glance at the time on the latter without tapping it (or using the awkward 'raise to wake' option) rather hindered its usefulness as a, you know, watch – which is why the always-on display became such a sought-after addition.

Still, anything that can speed up your workflow can only be a good thing for creatives, and being able to glance at the time on your iPhone while it's sitting on your desk certainly sounds more convenient than having to reach for the power button to illuminate it. And while our immediate concern here was battery life, the good old Apple rumour mill already has that one covered – the iPhone 13 is set to feature some pretty incredible battery improvements.

iPhone 13

A recent render of the upcoming iPhone 13 (Image credit: PhoneArena)

Indeed, put together every iPhone 13 leak we've heard so far, and we're already looking at a seriously impressive device – not bad considering it's only February. While we're hoping Apple will stick to its traditional September release slot this year, you don't have to wait seven months to get your hands on brilliant iPhone – check out today's best iPhone 12 deals below, and be sure to swing by our main Apple deals page for even more unbeatable offers.

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