Captivating new Spider-Man poster is the coolest thing you'll see today

A still from the Into The Spider-Verse movie.
(Image credit: Colombia Pictures/Marvel)

If you've been living under a rock, you may have missed the news that the newest Spider-Man movie is set to be released this month and everyone is getting extremely excited about it. But there may be another Spider-Man movie on the horizon that we think is way more exciting, thanks to this well-designed fan poster.  

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, was released back in 2018, and immediately became a cult classic with its innovative and unique animation, and its lovable but clumsy lead, Miles Morales. Now there are talks of a new Morales movie on the horizon, so one fan has created a poster for the potential live-action film, and it is seriously cool. Want to have a go at designing your own posters? Make sure you check out the best Adobe deals at the minute, to get yourself some reasonably priced software to get you started. 

The design was created and posted on Instagram by a digital artist called, and has gathered up over 30K likes. The post shows a behind-the-scenes style shot where we can see the stages of's process, starting with a real photo of someone in a Miles Morales outfit to the final design. It is incredible to see the before and after shots, and it shows the amazing attention to detail in the design. We think that the poster is incredibly effective with its gritty and realistic design, and Marvel should absolutely hire this guy. has received many positive comments about the design on the post. One user commented, "Damn, this goes hard," and another simply commented, "this is fire". One user even commented, "Bro please make a Hawkeye poster soon," and considering how bad the actual Hawkeye posters are, we would love to see the artist take on the series.

We will have to wait and see whether Marvel will create a live-action Miles Morales movie, and in the meantime, we can just count down the days until Into The Spider-Verse 2 is released. If you are loving all this Superhero talk and feel inspired to binge on some Marvel movies, then make sure you check out our guide on how to subscribe to Disney Plus which has all the Marvel movies uploaded to its service. Or perhaps you fancy having a go at creating your very own movie poster? If so, check out our roundup of the best online poster makers

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