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One of Apple's most anticipated gadgets could finally be coming

(Image credit: Apple)

Poor old AirPower. In a rare moment of defeat for Apple, the company announced in 2019 that the now infamous wireless charging pad (below), was officially canned. Unable to make the 3-in-1 charging system work thanks to overheating issues, the company decided to kill the project. But a new report suggests Apple hasn't given up on AirPower yet.

According to seasoned Apple leaker Mark Gurman, Apple is working on a spiritual successor to AirPower that could charge multiple devices such as an iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch at once. It sounds like the on again/off-again project is very much on again – but could it be heading for our best wireless chargers roundup any time soon?


Back from the dead? (Image credit: Getty Images)

As spotted by MacRumors, Gurman claims in his Power On newsletter that Apple "still plans to release a charging device that can charge up all three products at the same time." And as well as the AirPower successor, Gurman claims Apple is working on "short and long-distance wireless charging devices" and that the company "imagines" a future where all of its major devices can charge each other. In short, after years of rumours, reverse charging could finally become a reality.

Rumours about AirPower have refused to let up since Apple announced it in 2017, and even after the company apparently pulled the plug two years later. Last year Apple leaker Jon Prosser "revealed" that AirPower was coming back, with a slightly tweaked design which saw the charging cable moved to the side of the pad. This was said to be arriving in 2020 which, like many of Prosser's leaks, turned out to be untrue. 

Airpower mockup

AirPower was rumoured to be making a comeback last year (Image credit: Jon Prosser)

Whether or not a new form of AirPower drops in time for the iPhone 14, it sounds like we're still looking at a worthy successor to the iPhone 13 this year – check out every iPhone 14 leak we've seen so far. That said, the iPhone 13 is no slouch – check out today's best deals below if you want the latest and greatest iPhone experience available today, and be sure to swing by our Apple deals page for more offers.

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