Marvel’s 3D Morbius poster is absolute nightmare fuel

A still of the 3D moving poster video
(Image credit: @3CFilmss via Twitter)

Aside from its record-breaking box office numbers and iconic superheroes, Marvel is renowned for forking out a pretty penny on promo (just look at the Spider-Man: No Way Home campaign). And with the next instalment in the franchise on the horizon, it looks as though Marvel is pulling out all the stops to impress us. 

A user on Twitter has shared a short video of a 3D poster promoting the upcoming Morbius movie. The design looks like a normal billboard at first, but the longer you look, the scarier it gets with one huge animated vampire making an appearance. If you're designing a poster, then make sure you check out our roundup of the best billboard advertising examples. 

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The 3D design was spotted by Twitter user @3Cfilmss, who shared a clip of the animated poster. While the design looks fairly unassuming at first, all of a sudden, Morbius rips the poster in half and surreptitiously crawls through the screen and screams – and considering he's a vampire, it's pretty damn scary. 

The design seems to be gathering some attention online, and many Twitter users have commented on the billboard. One user said, "Awesome poster excited for April to see the movie!" and another replied, "The marketing is actually amazing". One user even said, "This poster is probably cooler than the actual movie lmao" – and considering that the early reviews have not been very complimentary of the film, they might have a point. 

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I've no doubt that the design will make people stop and stare (or make them run away screaming). It would be super cool to see a similar animated design in different places around the world – can you imagine how haunting a 56 inch Morbius would look like on Times Square? 

This isn't the first clever billboard design we have seen recently. A few weeks ago, Specsavers released a number of new brilliant billboard designs that looks like huge mistakes. And Netflix shared a photo of a topsy-turvy design ahead of the Stranger Things release.

We will have to wait until 1 April to see if the Morbius movie lives up to its spooky billboard. But in the meantime, why not catch up on the rest of the Marvel movies over on Disney Plus? Or if you'd rather have a go at designing your own animated poster, then make sure you have a look at our roundup of the best animation software

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