Bizarre Picasso TikTok is inspiring artists around the world

A still from the viral TikTok
(Image credit: itsreefa)

Picture this; you're walking down the street when you see a silver-wrapped car and a person in a bright purple dress and an abnormally large wig. What's the first thing you do? Make a TikTok about it, of course. This fever-dream-esque scenario was captured by TikToker itsreefa, and has been inspiring artists all over the world ever since. 

The video (see below) features a young man stumbling upon an art shoot to which he asks, "what's this?". The eclectically-dressed subject of the video then answers, "an art project," to which he responds "Okay, I like it. Picasso. Dat way". Now artists have been using the TikTok sound to promote their art. If you'd like to shoot your own TikToks but don't know where to start, then make sure you check out our guide on how to edit a video on TikTok


♬ Whats this I like it Picasso Yeah datway - ReefaTV

The video has racked up an eye-watering 37,200,000 views and 6,500,000 likes since it was first posted last month. It's been established that the vibrant character in the video is queer artist and performer, Rosa Tralee, who's part of the Turner Prize-winning group, Array Studios. 

We're putting this brilliant craze straight to the top of our list of the best TikTok trends for creatives. If you're an artist and want to hop on the Picasso trend, then simply showcase your art using this TikTok sound (like the artists in the videos below do). 


♬ Whats this I like it Picasso Yeah datway - ReefaTV

What's This?... It is small & pink. Has pink strawberry print. Bonus: it can fit in your pocket or on a keychain! Mini Pink Strawberry Bat Plush!

♬ Whats this I like it Picasso Yeah datway - ReefaTV

soup learnt how to crochet and ran with it

♬ Whats this I like it Picasso Yeah datway - ReefaTV

The popularity of this trend doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon, so now is the perfect time to jump on TikTok and get creative. If you're feeling inspired by this creative trend and want to make your own artsy videos then make sure you're fully equipped with one of the best TikTok lights and camera phones.

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