This Pokémon iPhone charger might be the cutest Apple accessory ever

Pokemon iPhone charger
(Image credit: @plasmaclusterha on Twitter)

It's fair to say that MagSafe didn't have the most auspicious start on iPhone. Introduced with 2020's iPhone 12, the charging tech gave way for ugly accessories and weak magnetic attachments. But two years later, MagSafe's true potential has finally been unlocked – Pikachu-style. 

A YouTuber has shared their own homemade Pokémon MagSafe charger, which sees Pikachu charge an iPhone with his electric cheek. The clay model is seriously impressive – not to mention utterly adorable. (Check out the best iPhone 13 deals if you want to experience MagSafe for yourself.)

Clay Yoshirin Pokémon Clay Art is, as the name suggests, an account dedicated to clay Pokémon art. The artist creates super realistic models of the creatures – and the Pikachu charger is arguably the coolest yet. Because of course Pikachu's electric cheek can charge a phone.

Pokemon iPhone charger

The MagSafe charger is hidden in Pikachu's cheek (Image credit: @plasmaclusterha on Twitter)

The 11-minute video details the painstaking project of creating the model, starting with a rather crude looking clay mould. But by the time it's finished, we're looking at something that I still can't quite believe isn't officially licensed. (Apple, Nintendo – get on this.)

Needless to say, the project is going down an electric storm on Reddit. "I absolutely need one of these," one user comments, while another adds, "I need 5 of these! I know he isn't selling them but if he does that would be a great day." Indeed, it seems the only downside of the project is the fact that the artist is a hobbyist – so we probably won't be seeing these for sale any time soon. Which arguably makes each edition all the more special.

From the ugly MagSafe battery pack to the drop-prone leather wallet, Apple's own MagSafe offerings haven't exactly been winners so far. But this is an example of just how how fun and creative the tech can be. In the market for new gear? Check out today's best iPhone 13 deals below. 

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