Turn your PS5 into art with this ingenious design hack

(Image credit: Sony)

From band posters to motivational quotes, what you choose to put on your walls says a lot about you. Want to show that you're fiercely committed to Sony's controversial PS5 design? Then we have just the 3D printing hack for you.

A Reddit user decided they wanted to display their spare PS5 faceplates, and so naturally set to work inventing a mount for attaching them to the wall. And while our first response was 'why?', we have to say we're coming round to the idea. (Fancy your chances of getting hold of Sony's latest? Check out the latest PS5 restock news.)

The 3D-printed wall mount, which is currently available on Etsy, attaches to the left-side faceplate (it isn't compatible with the right, which features the disk drive), and is then stuck to the wall using 3M Hanging strips. 

While there's something a little strange about seeing a single white PS5 faceplate hanging on a white wall (many Redditors have felt compelled, like us, to ask 'why?'), let's not forget that Sony's new, coloured faceplates are on the way – if you're feeling flush, why not buy all 5 and stick them on your wall? And if more artistic, limited edition designs are released in future (we wouldn't be surprised to see some game-specific faceplates), perhaps they'll end up making great artworks.

PS5 faceplate wall mount

We're not sold on white-on-white (Image credit: Being Henri on YouTube)

And then there's the craftsmanship. "Must be tedious getting the right measurements for the curves," one Redditor comments, while another adds, "Seeing someone’s ingenuity manifest into something tangible will always be impressive, well done!"

The new Sony PlayStation 5 cover colours.

The new faceplates could look pretty cool (Image credit: Sony)

While the PS5 was mercilessly mocked when the design first emerged in 2020, Sony has finally begun to embrace new colours and designs, with a new controller and even a redesigned console rumoured to be in the works. Want to start gaming right now? Check out today's best games console deals below. 

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