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Mutilate your fonts with this amazing browser app

EnFont Terrible
Image: EnFont Terrible

You can never have too many fonts, we've found, and just to complicate matters we've also found a fantastic new site that makes it absurdly easy to mutilate your existing type, turn it into whole new pieces of typographical joy and even create stunning kinetic typography in a matter of seconds.

It's called EnFont Terrible, which is by far the best pun you're going to hear this week, and it's the work of Spanish designer Javier Arce. He claims that he doesn't really know about kerning or any of that complicated typography stuff, but decided to make his own type generation site anyway.

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If you can't be bothered with typography tutorials, you'll be delighted to learn that EnFont Terrible is quite gloriously simple to use; either use the default fonts that come with it or upload your own, and by dragging a few sliders around you can warp and mutate it into something quite weird and wonderful in a matter of seconds, without having to know the first thing about typography.

Once you're happy with it, just hit the Create Font button in the bottom right-hand corner and you'll instantly save your mutant creation in OpenType format.

As a serious typographic tool it probably leaves a little to be desired, but as a fun way of mucking about with fonts it's very hard to beat, and with the right input fonts and a bit of experimentation you could quite easily grow a massively expanded font collection over the course of an afternoon.

Don't take our word for it, though; you can get to grips with EnFont Terrible's tools here.

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