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Creative Bloq week in review: w/c March 15

Creative Bloq review of the week
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When Jeff Goldblum declared that the scientists of Jurassic Park were "so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should," he probably didn't foresee his character's line becoming a meme years later. Hardly a week goes by without some bizarre internet creation bringing the line to our collective minds – and the last seven days have been no different.

For us, this week's Jeff Goldblum Award simply has to go to YouTuber Bob Wulff, whose mission to put Christopher Nolan's Tenet on the Game Boy Advance was both absolutely pointless, and absolutely perfect. We salute you, Mr. Wulff.

Indeed, it's been quite the week for video game mods. While we've seen plenty of PS5 redesigns over the past few months, this fan-made machine utilising water-cooling technology is definitely the coolest of the lot. (Some headlines just write themselves.)

And this stunning 8K mod of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offered us a tantalising glimpse of what the rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro might (but probably won't) be capable of, cranking the graphics up to a whopping four times the original with the help of ray tracing, everyone's favourite 3D light rendering technique (thanks, Wikipedia).

Meanwhile, it wouldn't be a Creative Bloq Week in Review without a bunch of new logos. This week, we saw an early contender for our logo of the year, courtesy of San Diego Zoo. But wherever you stand on the whole Harry and Meghan situation (we ain't going there), the couple's new logo is unlikely to set the world alight. Which, if we're honest, is absolutely fine.

Daniel Piper
News Editor

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Daniel Piper

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