Can you complete this fiendish logo quiz without checking your homescreen?

logo tech quiz
(Image credit: Luke Millar)

There's no better Friday afternoon activity than a logo quiz. (Well, for us logo geeks, anyway.) And this one is a satisfying romp through all those the tech logos you think you know so well.

You may see these logos on your screen on a daily basis, and some may be even be considered among the best logos ever, but how well have they really sunk in? Now's your chance to find out. Including tech giants from Spotify and Adobe to Google and Twitter, it's up to you to choose which is the correct design out of the two options given. 

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Luke Millar's quiz may sound easy – try it for yourself here – but have you really paid attention to which direction the lines slant in the Spotify logo or the exact positioning of the colours in the Microsoft squares (below)? How about exactly how big a bite has been taken out of the Apple logo or the exact shade of blue found on the Twitter bird? There are some examples here that are sure to catch you out, however much you stare at your homescreen. 

logo tech quiz

Which colour goes where? (Image credit: Luke Millar)

With a simple 'correct' or dramatic 'womp womp' to indicate right or wrong answers, it's a nicely-formulated quiz with great personality. If all this has got you in the mood for procrastination through quizzing, we're here for you. Try this car logo quiz next, or see if you can spot the errors in these famous logos. Have fun!

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