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Save big (and small!) with these stonking stylus deals

Wacom stylus
(Image credit: Wacom)

Amazon Prime is now in its second day, and the best Amazon Prime Day deals for creatives just keep on coming. There are great savings to be had across devices such as tablets (see the best iPad Pro deals here), and although some of the savings on styluses might be smaller overall, they're still worth snapping up. 

The best deals include a Wacom Bamboo Sketch Fine Tip for just £55.36 at Amazon and a Microsoft Surface Pen Platinum for $34 off (now costing $66), also from Amazon, and there's even some money off Apple Pencil – although we'll be honest, it's not much (£10 off a second generation Apple Pencil from Amazon is the best you're gonna get).

You'll need to be a Prime member (sign up here) to get most of the Amazon deals (although not all of them, be sure to check), but this year, other retailers are joining in on these summer sales, so even if you're not a Prime member, there are still plenty of bargains to be had. 

Read on to find your perfect styluses, at a discounted price. But hurry, many of these deals will run out at midnight on Tuesday 16 July, when Amazon Prime Day officially ends.

Wacom stylus deals on Amazon Prime Day (US)

Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 Stylus: Was $56.99 now $49.95 @Walmart
Save $7.04:
Okay, so this isn't a huge saving, but there aren't many deals around on this newest Wacom Bamboo Fineline Stylus model. The Fineline 3 provides excellent pressure sensitivity and comfort. It also charges via USB and is compatible with iPad and iPhone.
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Wacom stylus deals on Amazon Prime Day (UK)

Wacom Bamboo Sketch Fine Tip Stylus: Was £79.99 now £55.36 @Amazon
Save £19.63:
This is a great discount on the Wacom Bamboo Sketch Fine Tip Stylus. We rated it our best stylus overall (aside from the Apple Pencil) and it provides a fantastic drawing experience that's about as close to sketching as you'll get.
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Apple Pencil deals on Amazon Prime Day (UK)

Apple Pencil (1st generation): Was £89 now £84 @Amazon
Save £5: 
This is another slightly underwhelming deal, but deals on Apple products are rare, so we'll take what we can get. And just think what you could buy with that extra fiver.
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Apple Pencil (2nd generation): Was £119 now £109 @Amazon
Save £10:
 There's never been a better time to get the latest Apple stylus. We don't expect to see any better discounts on this model anytime soon, so snap this one up while you can.View Deal

Microsoft Surface Pen deals on Amazon Prime Day (US)

Microsoft Surface Pen Platinum Model: Was $99.99 now $65.98 @Amazon
Save $34.01: This shiny version of Surface Pen adds an extra degree of style to writing and drawing. Like all the Surface Pens, it offers precise control on drawing and sketching, and low latency.

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Microsoft Certified Surface Pen: Was $39.97 now $31.98 @Amazon
Save $7.99: Prime members get an extra almost $8 off this Microsoft Certified Surface Pen, making it a total bargain. It has 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity and 300 days of "playing time".

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Microsoft Surface Pen deals on Amazon Prime Day (UK)

Microsoft Certified Surface Pen: Was £40.99 now £31.99 @Amazon
Save £8: This might not be the official Surface Pen, but it's Microsoft Certified and compatible with the Surface Pro 3 upwards (see Amazon for a full list of devices). It supports 500 hours of use, is rechargeable via USB and works without bluetooth.

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Microsoft Surface Pen: Was £99.99 now £68.50 @Amazon
Save £31.49: For the real deal, you can't beat the Surface Pro. There's no lag or latency and 4,096 pressure points that respond to even the lightest of touches. Save 31% when you buy today.

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Microsoft Surface Pen: £68.50 @Currys
For an Amazon alternative deal, the Surface Pen also costs £68.50 at Currys. There are other colours apart from Black available, but these cost a bit more (from £75 for the Silver/Grey model).
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Microsoft Surface Pen: £59 @ebay
If you're not bothered about a warranty and are a fan of ebay, then you can buy the 2017 Surface Pen for under £60. This item is still in its original packaging.
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Other stylus deals on Amazon Prime Day (UK)

Heiyo Active Stylus Pen: Was £28.50 now £21.90 @Amazon
Save 24%: Get £6.90 off this iPad-compatible model from Heiyo. It's not a model we've come across before, but the reviews are good and the price is cheap, so why not give it a go?
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