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#Spidersona fan art turns creators into heroes

If you're at all tapped into the world of comics and superheroes on social media, the chances are you've seen some weird and wonderful Spider-Man inspired fan art fill up your timeline lately. But why have fans of the famous Marvel hero started sharing art with #Spidersona? What exactly is a Spidersona? And how can you get involved?

Well, it's all to do with the latest Spider-Man film, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. For those who haven't seen the film (and you really should, after you've finished reading this article, of course), the story sees a range of alternative Spider-Men and -Women from parallel dimensions come together to defeat the villainous Kingpin.

Thanks to its funny script, tight plotting and stunning animated visuals, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse has gone down a storm with fans and critics alike. However, the film has also sparked the imagination of digital artists due to its alternate takes on the Spider-Man costume. In the film we see a film noir variant, an anime inspired design, and, well, Spider-Pig.

It's these variations that illustrators are having fun with in their fan art. Taking the idea of parallel universes and running with it, artists are conjuring up their own Spider-Man personas, or Spidersonas, and creating imaginative character designs for them.

Shared with the hashtag #Spidersona, these superhero creations can be split into two groups. The first one sees the artist imagine what they themselves would look like as the webbed wonder. Meanwhile the second camp take things further by imagining a completely new spin on the Marvel hero.

Top artists have weighed in with their takes on #Spidersona, and the creativity on display is well worth checking out over on Twitter. Here are some of our favourites, starting with one of the earliest creations that predates the hashtag itself.

Want to get involved? Just create your own Spidersona and don't forget to tag it #Spidersona on social media.

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