Capcom's Street Fighter 6 logo woes just got even worse

Street Fighter 5 box art
(Image credit: Capcom)

Yesterday we brought you the news that the Street Fighter 6 logo is being poorly received by gamers and designers alike – and things are going from bad to worse for the controversial design. Now, the creator of a stock image is attempting to sell their design to Capcom, thanks to its uncanny similarity to the new logo.

Capcom's design features the initials 'SF' inside a hexagon, with the edges of the letters following the shape of the border. The $80 Adobe Stock image features, well, the same – and Twitter users are already hypothesising that Capcom simply typed 'SF' into a stock logo site. (Couldn't they have simply read our how to design a logo guide?)

Street Fighter 6 logo vs similar Adobe Stock design

The Street Fighter design (left) vs the Adobe Stock image (right) (Image credit: Capcom/Adobe Stock)
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Indeed, aside from the rounding of a few edges, the designs are practically the same. Oh, and Capcom has also slapped a '6' in a circle in the bottom corner of the logo, either to denote that it's the 6th Street Fighter entry, or the logo has 6 unread emails – we're not sure.

The Adobe Stock image was created by a user called xcoolee, who told IGN they're "looking to sell exclusive rights for the image to Capcom, removing it from sale to other parties." As some Twitter users have spotted, the same design was used for sci-fi convention in France just last year (below).

SF Conexxion logo

That logo looks familiar (Image credit: SF Conexxion)

Hilariously, the hexagon design is available on Adobe Stock with several different initials (below). As Ars Technica's Aurich Lawson suggests, these could be great for anybody looking to launch their own franchise, such as "Street Guardians, Street Puncherz, Street Crash, Street Heist, Street Smashers, or Street Assault."

Now, we don't have anything against stock images – they exist for a reason, and many a designer will have found many a stock image site extremely useful over the years. But if it did borrow the design, couldn't Capcom have made it a tiny bit more, erm, different?

Adobe Stock logos

(Image credit: Adobe Stock )

Even before the stock image came to light, the new logo was hardly a triumph. Compared with the zingy designs of yore, this one looks positively corporate – and hardly brings to mind images of characters in flamboyant costumes fighting in the street. Let's just say, it won't be hitting our best logos roundup any time soon.

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