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The cheeky Tesla Easter egg you'll either love or hate

(Image credit: Tesla/Electric Car Home)

Mirth has ensued among the Tesla community this week as lucky car owners noticed a new design Easter egg that's causing sniggers of juvenile delight. Tesla is well known for its quirks and for hiding design secrets in its product range. And the latest one is one step away from being a fart joke.

Command your car to "Open Butthole" and the boot will open. Seriously. There may be a list of Tesla voice commands a mile long, but we think this one has a certain ring to it (sorry). Now, we're not here to comment on how hilarious (or not) we might find this command, but we're always in for a design Easter egg. Want more? Here are the best Google Easter eggs. Or you can make your own using some of these UI design tools.

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The secret function (see it above) almost fell through the cracks until it was found by @tesla_master, who discovered that the command made the charge point open (we won't ask how or why). Since then, a whole hoard of Tesla owners have commented on being able to call out "Open Butthole" and see their boot spring open. 

Tesla is certainly striking a particular tone with its choice of voice commands, as demonstrated when you want your seat warmers to turn on. Simply let your car know "my balls are cold" or "my butt is cold" (if you don't possess the former) to heat things up. Eager to learn more? Get yourself acquainted with the full list of Tesla voice commands and Easter eggs with this informative app

Whether you find it hilarious or think it's pants, Tesla gets kudos for developing a strong brand voice, much like these brands that rule at social media. The addition of Easter eggs into the car design make Tesla owners feel part of a club, and add a human element to a global brand – stopping it from feeling faceless. Ultimately, pulling off stunts like this comes down to knowing your audience. And Tesla's seem to like jokes about buttholes.

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