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This 'agency' has rebranded branding and it's hilarious

Have you ever thought that branding itself is due a rebrand? You're not alone. David Barnes, managing editor at Packt and "founder, creative director, and #thoughtleader of DRB Brands" has felt the need to shake up the branding industry's branding, as revealed in a recent post on Medium.

We won't spoil the surprise too much – the process he outlines is a brilliantly tongue-in-cheek reflection of the design industry – but here is the outcome of DRB's rebranding of branding.

All is revealed on DRB's Medium post, but we

All is revealed on DRB's Medium post, but we

Barnes explains: "The <3 signifies love (the heart emoticon used by millennials) as well as the '<' signifying that rebranded branding is 'greater than' what has gone before. 

"The font is bold and futuristic while the soft pink colour inspires feelings of love. 

"The NG is bold and underlined to signify energy and implying that – while the new brand for branding is bold and new, it still rests on solid and strong foundations. The italicized AND also shows that branding lets you have more and more!"

Read DRB's post on Medium to find out more.

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Craig Stewart
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