Unofficial Thor Love and Thunder poster causes confusion

The Logo for Thor Love and Thunder.
(Image credit: Marvel)

Marvel has been causing a lot of commotion on the internet as of late with plenty of rumours, leaks and upcoming releases. We've seen leaked posters, logos and clips for the likes of the Captain Marvel, Miles Morales and Spider-Man, but Thor is the latest passenger on Marvel's hype train with a "leaked" poster design (below). But don't get your hopes up Thor fans, the poster has been debunked as unofficial. 

The confusion started when one Twitter user posted a photo of a new poster design in what looked like a store, causing Thor fans to get incredibly excited for the movie that's set to release next July. But director and actor, Taika Waititi, later revealed that the supposed leak was fake. Want to have a go at designing your own posters? Make sure you check out our roundup of the best online poster makers.

The supposedly leaked poster of Thor Love and Thunder movie.

The design was spotted in what looks like a toy store (Image credit: lovethundernews)

Waititi tweeted about the design of the poster saying, "This is so bad that I kinda wish it was an official poster," and that, "It's definitely what I would have done if I was in charge of posters". While it may not be an official poster, according to one source on Twitter, it is Marvel/Disney approved. 

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While the design is a little bit hectic, we actually think it captures the energy and chaos that we often see in the Thor movies. The design is fairly busy with so many characters included on the poster, but we love that the more you look, the more you see. We especially like the comical goat with its tongue out. 

The supposed leaked poster for Thor Love and Thunder.

There's so much going on, our eyes don't know where to look (Image credit: loveandthundernews)

It seems as though the design has divided fans, and there are just as many people who love this chaotic design as those who don't. One user responded to Waititi's tweet saying, "Going by the awful posters we've had for the Spider-Man movie, this could very well have been a genuine offering by Marvel" (you can check out the Spider-Man poster here), and another user simply replied, "They made an oops". On the other hand, one user called it "a hot mess", and another said "these designs are so great". 

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We will have to wait and see what the official Thor Love and Thunder poster will look like, but in the meantime why not catch up on all your Marvel favourites over on Disney Plus? Or check out the best Adobe Creative Cloud discounts and have a go at designing your own Marvel posters. 

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