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This stunning TikTok planet trend is taking over iPhone lock screens

A screenshot of one of the #planetwallpaper videos on TikTok
(Image credit: Phan.cee/Future)

We've all been there when you're trying to choose a photo for your phone's lock screen but nothing you pick seems to look right. Well, what if we told you there's currently a trend on TikTok that can solve all your lock screen-related issues?

The #planetwallpaper trend on TikTok sees users taking their favourite photos and transforming them into galactic space shots and setting them as their phone background. With just a little bit of editing, users are morphing their family photos, cat pics and even selfies into planets. If you're feeling inspired by this trend, then make sure you check out our guide to the best TikTok trends for creatives. 


♬ original sound - Nat

Using the app Picsart, user Nat__.b walks you through how to design your own lock screen using a number of the app's tools like swirl and stickers in the video above. We think the wallpapers are incredibly innovative, and we love seeing such brilliant designs being made with a free app. It just proves that you don't need the newest and most expensive software to create beautiful work. (We have plenty of editing software suited to any budget on our roundup of the best photo-editing software of 2022.)

Some TikTokkers with access to other software have decided to take this trend to the next level by turning their planet wallpapers into Live Photos and creating some seriously impressive animated lock screens (if you upload a Live Photo to your lock screen on an iPhone, you get an animated video of it when you hold it down). See our iPhone hacks for more fun ways to jazz up your iPhone.


♬ every summertime - .

♬ every summertime - .

♬ every summertime - .

Of course, we thought we absolutely had to have a go at this trend, especially after we found the yassifying ourselves and discovering our pet's classical art double so entertaining. We transformed three photos of Billie Eilish, Loyle Carner and Phoebe Bridgers into this mesmerising lock screen. 

Three photos of Billie Eilish, Loyle Carner and Phoebe Bridgers leading into a screenshot of the planet wallpaper background

We really like our planet wallpaper (Image credit: European Southern Observatory/FilmMagic/Elliott Wilcox/Kelianne/Future)

It's great to see such a lovely trend becoming popular that is so suited to us creatives – we can't all dance, TikTok. If you wanted to join the TikTok hype but don't have a device that supports the app, then check out our roundup of the best Apple deals available right now and treat yourself. 

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