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Kanye vs Walmart, Chanel vs Huawei and more logo wars

Creative Bloq's week in review
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The logo lawyers have awoken. It's the only possible explanation for the amount of logo-based disputes we've seen over the past few days, with everyone from Kanye to Chanel doing battle over a similar symbol. This week, we've seen it all – from logos that look nothing alike to 'how the hell did they think they could get away with that?'

First we saw Amazon go after a charity shop in Malvern over its 'smile' logo (and, if we're honest, we'd say the tech giant had a point). Then Chanel got angry at Huawei over its supposedly similar new design. Huawei said the logos were unlikely to be mistaken (and, if we're honest, we'd say the tech giant had a point).

Then good old Kanye found himself in hot water with Walmart, who claimed that a new logo for his Yeezy brand resembled its own too closely. We're with Kanye on this one.

Oh, and Amazon also found itself on the receiving end of a claim (two disputes in one week – well done, Amazon). ADT got annoyed about the octagonal logo for Amazon's smart home company, Ring. It's fair to say there were a lot of sides to this story (ha!).

Speaking of getting annoyed, Apple managed to anger fans this week with a slightly tweaked version of its classic logo. And don't get me started on Lana Del Rey's new album cover

Daniel Piper
News Editor

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